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Development of a child when reading.

Studies have shown that children who have learned to read early in their lives will do better in formal education than children who do not have this advantage.

It also helps young children master basic oral skills and vocabulary. The skills they learn help them communicate better than their peers at an earlier time.

Children who have learned to read from an early age can also better understand abstract concepts, apply logic to life situations, and identify causal relationships. It can also help them adjust to new experiences in life. By sitting and reading, they also learned the ability to self-discipline and focus.

It can help children improve concentration and expand their memory. You can also develop listening skills and stimulate your imagination. Children also learn about other people through reading. My two and a half year old granddaughter and I witnessed it all.

Her parents started reading to her when she was six months old and used pictures to show her words. Now she can read many of her books by herself. This aroused his interest in things that other ages could do well, such as being able to count to forty. Reading at a young age will cultivate children's love for reading and learning.

A recent study showed that children who read at an early age increased their vocabulary by 40% compared to children who did not read. This is also an ideal opportunity for children and their parents to spend time, make connections, and have fun.

This is definitely the case with my son and daughter-in-law. When children have the intimacy of their parents reading to them, they are encouraged to have a positive attitude toward reading. It can calm children because it is a time of peace and quiet.

Therefore, reading before bed is particularly good. It is important to choose books that are suitable for your child's age. One of the benefits of books is that they can be used to help children prepare for changes in their lives, namely toilet training, kindergarten, and issues related to playing with other children.

There are many benefits to making books an important part of your child's life, and they also open the door to conversations between you and him on many topics. The result will be not only a child who is interested in reading, but also a child who has a close relationship with his parents.

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