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Marking of matric exam papers starts on Wednesday

With no significant issues recorded during this week's National Senior Certificate examinations, grading of the 2021 matric test papers is scheduled to begin on Wednesday. Apart from a few applicants found with crib notes and smartphones, the Department of Basic Education said that no substantial anomalies have been observed at this time that might jeopardize the tests' legitimacy, integrity, or reputation.

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On Monday, the class of 2021 took their last NSC test, capping up a grueling five-week exam schedule. 897 786 applicants enrolled for the November 2021 NSC tests this year, including 735 677 full-time students and 162 109 part-time candidates. Exam marking was rescheduled until Wednesday, with the national department increasing the number of examination centers to guarantee greater compliance with Covid-19 procedures.

Over 41 500 markers were assigned to designate scripts in 193 locations across the nine provinces. "Back-up marking centers have been established in the event that an epidemic arises at a given center, necessitating relocation. The Agency of Basic Education is collaborating closely with the Department of Health to ensure that all marking centers adhere to Health and Safety Protocols and are prepared to handle any situation that may arise "In a statement, the department said.See the source image

38 learners were discovered cheating during final exams in the Eastern Cape. Vuyiseka Mboxela, the Eastern Cape Department of Education's spokeswoman, said the instances had been reported to Umalusi (the Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training) and the Department of Basic Education for further inquiry and review.

Apart from that, Mboxela said that the Eastern Cape did not have any significant difficulties during the tests. "Considering the exceptional conditions arising from Covid-19," Mboxela stated, "everything went rather well." "[There were] sporadic instances of applicants attempting to cheat by taking smartphones and crib notes into the examination center, but were apprehended. These types of abnormalities are addressed in accordance with the established procedure outlined in the rules governing the national senior certificate administration "'She said.See the source image

Mboxela stated that inconsistencies were documented and referred to Umalusi, who subsequently followed the proper processes. "Discipline cannot begin until script marking has begun. Due to the system's interdependence, no step may occur prior to the one that should prepare the way "she continued. Kwazi Mthethwa, the education spokesman for KwaZulu-Natal, expressed satisfaction with the test procedure despite various problems.


Marking of matric exam papers starts on Wednesday | News24

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