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"I don't bother anyone, leave me alone" Musa gets a clap back after posting false info

"I don't bother anyone, leave me alone" Musa gets a clapback after posting false info

While you're here please follow me.

Musa gets such a kick from posting any and everything about every and anyone.

On the latest, he shared a picture of Danilo with Lindokuhle.

Danilo is a primary school teacher who is Twitter famous for being a young teacher, having good looks and calm aura. Lindokuhle is Twitter famous for getting a Level 2 in mathematical literacy.

Musa tweeted a picture of the two and spoke of how Danilo failed to help Lindokuhle pass mathematical literacy.

His tweet read, "Lindokuhle Mboma with his ex boyfriend Danilo. Danilo is a teacher by profession but he couldn't teach Lindokuhle Mboma some Maths Lit.

First things first, these two are peers, Danilo only became a teacher quite recently. When was he supposed to school Lindokuhle?

Secondly, why did Musa have to throw shade on either of the two guys? To add salt to injury, he said the two are dating.

The good thing is that Danilo did not take any of this lying down and defended himself. He wrote the following response under Musa's tweet:

I literally don’t bother anyone, this is crazy. But if you going to speak about me please tell the truth and don’t crop out where I clearly stated “friends” to push a narrative. Not hate from me though. Be blessed Musa 🤍🤍🤍.

As always, all Musa does is drop bombs and leave the house on fire. He will not apologize for lying to tweeps or trying to tarnish Danilo's good reputation.

Tweeps also defended Danilo and told Musa to back off since he's very unproblematic.


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August 09, 2022.

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