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Is This Really The University Of Choice In Africa?

The University of Swaziland's motto proclaims it as "the university of choice in Africa". When you look at the socio-economic problems faced by the kingdom, one wonders if they're caused by the poor quality of higher education in Swaziland's learning institutions. The regime change protests are being led by the youth, and a lot of those protestors are students. Doesn't this speak volumes about the usefulness of the university?

False Advertising

If these students' education was really useful to them, they wouldn't be on the streets demanding to be included in politics. EmaSwati go through years of school, only to not get a job and be overtaken by certain people that exploit a form of nepotism called Dlaminism. Many graduates end up losing faith in their qualifications from UNESWA. The fact that students from UNESWA always seem to be protesting leaves some wondering if they get any studying done.

If this really was the university of choice, it would equip the graduates with the right skills to go out there and create opportunities for themselves. It would open the students to better opportunities in places like this free and democratic Republic of South Africa. There's a certain stigma attached to students of the university. Everybody knows the hardships these students go through.

University Of No Choice?

Some UNESWA students have to work to pay for their fees. Some suffer from hunger and have trouble studying due to the lack of food. Those who shake the king's hand and get their degree are considered survivors who withstood the harshest form of adversity. As if it isn't hard enough being a subject of King Mswati, being a student there has its own set of challenges.

And so you see that the brand image UNESWA is going for might not be consistent with the reality. After all, no institution is perfect, every organization has its disadvantages and disadvantages. Do you think you could ever consider studying at UNESWA? What stories have you heard about the university? Do you know anyone that's studying there, and how are they finding it? Leave a comment below, share with a university student, and FOLLOW FOR EVERYTHING SWAZILAND!

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