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Evelyn Will Become New Principal Of Turf High And Magongwa Will Be Left In Tears



Jacobeth came to get her stuff from the school and she didn't participate in the treatment that she got. From the start while she was walking the understudies passed her like she was nothing, they even pushed her, they didn't perceive her except for two understudies.

After her things fell on the ground she mentioned understudies to assist her with getting them anyway no one aided her. Lewatle and Mosebjadi had a baffled outlook on her. They helped pick her things beginning from the earliest stage they embraced her. They told her that they needed that she was not going. They told her that they will miss her.

Paxton and his friends couldn't keep it together for her to go so they could do anyway they needed.


Paxton came to school wearing white shoes as opposed to dull shoes and he was similarly holding a skateboard. His classmates recognized him.

Various understudies went to class with conceals. They accepted they had a potential open door considering the way that Thobakgale left so they celebrated.

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