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In Shock: See how Zimbabwean school girls rock their school Uniform

When it comes to school uniforms, each country has its own rules that must be followed. The fact that South Africa is a free country means that they are not strict about how girls should wear their uniforms as other countries do. Unlike South Africa, some African countries, especially in the northern hemisphere, such as Zimbabwe, do not allow female students to go to school in miniskirts, as they do in South Africa. In South Africa, students are allowed to wear short skirts for female students.

 Unless the skirt reveals too much, a South African girl is allowed to wear a large skirt to school, regardless of length. Zimbabwean law, on the other hand, requires that children wear long skirts that reach up to their knees. Wearing such skirts with schoolgirls is not uncommon in South Africa, as most of them are short. Obviously, the International Department of Justice has its own rules, but I think South Africa should follow a law that prohibits students from wearing very short skin because it can intimidate male teachers and because it is inappropriate for students to expose their bodies in school.

 Zimbabwean students have been photographed.

 In my opinion, the Department of Education in South Africa should introduce stricter rules for school girls who wear short skirts because such practices can confuse male teachers.

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