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Learners Cause Chaos In Front Of Basic Education Minister Demanding Answers

Learners were captured on camera demanding to speaker and the Minister of Basic Education pleading with them to rather write their issues, this is something that even upset them more because they didn’t want to find themselves in such a situation as it is quiet terrible for them.

A lot of social media users are concerned about a video that has surfaced showing schoolchildren shouting at adults, it seems like they school children had grievances that they wanted answers to.

However that was not a platform for them to express their own opinions and thoughts that is why they were quickly told to keep quiet and sit down, despite them having reasonable concerns about the situation that they find themselves in.

The members of the public are very concerned about the criminal activities that are experienced in the country, and it makes one wonder about the situation that we find ourselves in. At the moment can the authorities do more in order to ensure that the criminal activities in the country are prevented because this is a serious problem, to such an extent where the children are even seeing that the corruption is really affecting their lives in a negative way.

Many of these officials will be talking about giving the youth opportunities but they’ll be working very hard at not providing those opportunities to the youth, because the only thing that they have to do is simply plan projects and those projects are going to automatically involve the youth.

However they are not planning any kinds of projects but they're talking about directly helping the youth, how are they going to help the youth if they don't ensure that the country is moving in the proper direction and there is development that is happening.

This is very concerning because we can see that the youth is also trying to voice out their frustrations, the same frustrations that their parents had the elders before them and so on, now they’re having them and we know that their children will also have them so something needs to be done quickly in order to change this situation.

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