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BREAKING: Eskom will implement stage 6 power cuts from 4pm on Tuesday

I think the announcements of ESKOM now border on arrogance the public or consumers are now bargaining chips instead of resolving the real issues, you have a CEO who has perfected the art of throwing his toys around in a very childish manner the workers and the managers have run out of ideas, and the country's livelihood is treated as a mere labour relations spectacle, what irks us is that the political leadership has gone silent on us. Unfortunately Stage 6 load-shedding means we will be without electricity for about 8 hours in a day when implemented, the City will provide a stage 6 load-shedding schedule for residentsHere we go I know many people will blame the ANC which is rightly so but the Eskom CEO when he got the job he promised the nation that he will end loadshedding in 18 months, but till to date the guy seems to not have any plan he then engages the gear of blame game from wet coal, subotage, mantaince, shortage of diesel etc and today he is blaming the protesters so when is he going to implement his solutions as the CEO instead of moaning each day. We cannot pay someone millions every month just to come up with excuses, we all know if it was a black guy he could have been chased away long time ago

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