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The Era Of Crypto Scams & Bitcoins Rise To Popularity

The Crypto Scam Era

The year of cryptocurrencies was 2017. The number of schemes and frauds aimed at cryptocurrency investors also increased as the value of Bitcoin and other digital money soared. Fraudulent initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and phishing scams allowed thieves to steal millions of dollars from unwitting victims eager to cash in on the cryptocurrency frenzy. Regulators' focus on the cryptocurrency industry will probably result in an increase in frauds by 2022.

Increase In Popularity Of Bitcoin

Although Bitcoin has been the focus of several conversations and debates, it is difficult to say exactly when it first gained popularity. Many people think that Bitcoin's surge, from $1,000 to $20,000 before falling back to $10,000, occurred in 2017. Others contend that cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase, which made it simpler for those with little technical expertise or experience to trade cryptocurrencies, are to blame for the meteoric rise in popularity of Bitcoin.

Whatever the cause, one thing is certain: As more people learn about what Bitcoin stands for - decentralization and anonymity – its popularity will only increase.


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