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Here's Why 38,000 People in KwaZulu-Natal Have Had Their SASSA Benefits Suspended

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) in the province of KwaZulu-Natal has decided to delay more than 38 600 payouts.

The review of 38,622 grant applications has been delayed while the review of the remaining 78,811 continues.

The 38 622 recipients in question, as reported by SASSA, have not attended any of its offices to have their awards verified. KZN Department of Social Development Spokesperson Sandy Godlwana said that SASSA informed the recipients that they would be required to comply with the new procedure. According to her testimony, SASSA informed the recipients that they must go through this motion in order to determine, among other things, if they are still qualified for benefits.

If Godlwana's numbers are correct, there are still 78,811 prizes that have not been evaluated. Some of these recipients are apparently getting more money from Godlwana than is shown in their records. The allegations were made public by ECR News. Now, we're able to provide some of these customers with a broader selection of services to fulfill their needs, in addition to the ones that were previously recorded in our system. We've seen that the majority of those who have reapplied have reported an increase in their income since they last filled out their application.

If we do this, we can finally get our system in order and make sure we're paying the right people,"


Further, an SASSA representative encouraged clients whose grants had been suspended but who believed they were still entitled to reapply for the help by bringing all of the relevant documentation to an SASSA location. The goal was to make sure that no one slipped between the gaps. Included herein are the following items: a document proving the beneficiary's identity; a birth certificate for each child receiving a Child Support Grant from SASSA; a paystub for the beneficiary and his or her spouse, if married; a bank statement detailing the beneficiary's financial activity over the past three months; and a statement detailing the beneficiary and his or her Evidence of current habitation.

The recipients of disability and care dependency grants must undergo a medical evaluation, whereas the recipients of SASSA foster child funds must present a court order.


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