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Zimbabwe Need to Build a normal Economy With Businesseses That Are Able to Sustain Their Viability


-ZIMRA will be carrying out additional impromptu corporate audits to quantify increased tax liabilitie, businesses which continue to use parallel market rates to price their goods may lose their licenses, apacity of the FIU to enforce the law enhanced ~ Nick Mangwana

Command economics again, we are dealing with symptoms, lets deal with root causes. Economics work on simple supply and demand principles build a normal economy with business that are able to sustain their viability, some of these measures will not attract investorsNow that Chombo and Mzembi has been exonerated by the courts from any corruption or wrong doing, the big question remains; who are the thieves who were surrounding Mugabe. Or the criminals who were surrounding Mugabe are the criminals who runs the judiciary, which let the criminals to walk free and jail people like Makomborero whose crime is asking for a better Zimbabwe for everyone 

Its inflation simple no need to investigate so business shld pay less taxes to show that they are not using parallel market rates, this kind of reasoning it does not make any economic sense at all, maybe increase in taxes is due to growth as you always preach success here. My take is, Zimbabwe has a political problem that needs a political solution. All these measures will come to waste if the political issues are not addressed. If businesses lose licences,then further unemployment sets in.Our Governor or rulers contradict powerful cconomic players

The only problem with Zimbabwean system is that, it is very good (100%) in putting things on paper, you are theoretical system and you don't practice what you put on paper. People want change not to just read things which will not be practiced. Don't be too optimistic, more action is needed. Busy addressing symptoms while ignoring the root cause has never worked. If enough forex reserves were available none of this would have been happening

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