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Sassa Addresses R350 Appeals And When It Will Respond To It

It has been a difficult financial year for many people all over the world. It is especially difficult for those in developing countries. Ever since the start of the pandemic, economies have been battling financially, since some businesses had to close down and countries had to go on a standstill just so that the rising COVID infections could be dealt with. And this must have been a difficult decision for the government to make, because it resulted in a high unemployment rate, especially in South Africa.

When the first lockdown started, the government had to make diffi cult financial decisions, including helping people with money so they would not starve. That is how the R350 unemployment grant was introduced for unemployed people.

The unemployment SASSA grant was confined for a year, helping those who were in financial distress, then it was discontinued again. which led to some unions striking and calling for its reinstatement because of the high unemployment rate in the country. And it was later reintroduced, and this time it provided other people to apply as well.

But it seems like this round of R350 grants is not as simple as the first one, because many of those who deserve it have since been declined. For reasons that are unknown, many people have complained to SASSA about this. They were told by the agency that they should apply for reconsideration, which they did, and it is still pending. So many people are wondering when SASSA will attend their appealings and this is what SASSA had to say: 

 SASSA has said that no appeals have been "attended to by the agency" during the months of August, September, and October, and that no answer has been issued to any applicants who have appealed.

"Applicants who qualify [for the R350 award] will be processed for payment once the process is completed," SASSA added.

"The truth is that this particular award is for people who have no source of income, regardless of where it comes from. If you are unhappy with the decision on your application, you have the option to seek reconsideration. "

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