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OPINION| How it the sell of Heineken company going to help our economy ?

Distell's deal with Heineken, will increase Heineken SA 's scale of production to compete effectively with Anheuser-Busch InBev and increase their 18% local beer market share. My only problem is the dominance of EU companies in the South African alcohol beverage marketAlcohol in this lawless country is the most consumed drink from youth to elderly, further more the very same thing that causes major crime and death 70% of crime is cause by criminals who uses alcohol there after with most car crashes on weekend nights, which cause by drunk drivers criminals rob and kill people for their belongings and stole money to go and buy booze, most graves are full of people killed due to alcohol problems I trust that our government will not put on stupid ideas about limiting alcohol sales again that will kill a deal like this, the limiting of alcohol sales did not stop a single person from getting COVID. If anything, it made it worse with all the illegal sales that took place. But Heineken is struggling already, such a huge responsibility will the manage. I was just thinking about Heineken company today on how they just dropped South African alcohol production in the past few years I am glad to see that they want to reinvest in our country this means more of our African brothers and sisters will be hired, its actually a good move by Heineken. But why cant they sell to local firms, especially a black owned because this government is preaching inclusiveness of black people into the economy. We can't allow this to continue, absorbing of our local brands by larger foreign companies using capitalism style to dominate our country, maybe top class should intervene here, that is why he will never get my vote as we cant allow povety to continue in this country

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