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OPINION|| Can we trust Superbalist? And should we shop from them?

Shopping online is becoming the most profitable industry today. Anyone has the opportunity to open their online store, which makes it hard to trust anyone with your card details when shopping online. People have figured out so many ways to defraud people of their money and that makes it hard for people to start trusting online shopping and so on, especially if someone was raised traditionally, they have a problem with opening their minds up to the multiple opportunities that online shopping provides.

Now the question that stands is how do you know if you can trust an online store? Well, the first thing you have to look for is the reputation that the online store has. You must look for reviews on that particular online store and that will give you an idea of what to do.

South Africa now has its biggest online fashion store, but it seems that there might be people who are still skeptical about it. Superbalist has gained so much popularity lately and has gained quite a following that it is now redundant to ask of you can trust the store or not.

Superbalist was developed under the Takealot brands, which is one of the most trusted online store in South Africa. Takealot has created a great reputation for itself and the fact that it is the founder of Takelot should be a big statement to consumers out there.

Superbalist is a trusted and registered online store, and if you looked at the reviews on the store then you could see that it does deliver on the promises.

However, the store has been accused of selling fake products such as their Shoe items, I have bought from Superbalist and I think their shoes are real and are of quality. I have been wearing their jeans too and they are still in good condition.

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