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"There was no stage 4 load-shedding during the '9 wasted years' " says Matshela Koko

The former Eskom group CEO, Matshela Koko has taken Twitter to indicate that during the period which is often dubbed as the "9 wasted years", there was no stage 4 load-shedding. And the comments of the former Eskom CEO comes at a time, when the South African Power Utility Eskom has been implementing a nationwide load-shedding in recent days.

Early on Tuesday, Eskom announced that it will implement stage 6 of load-shedding. And Matshela Koko has further pointed out that during the time which is considered to be an era of state capture at Eskom, there was no stage 4 load-shedding. As already pointed out above, the announcement of stage 6 of load-shedding by Eskom has since made many South African people, particularly on Twitter to react with mixed reactions.

Matshela Koko's staggering tweet, reads as follows:

"In case you missed it.

There was no stage 4 load-shedding during the "9 wasted years" & during what is considered by CJ Zondo as the "State Capture" era at @Eskom_SA

From 5pm until 10pm Eskom will subject us to Stage 6 of load-shedding"

And by now, many people should be well aware of the fact that load-shedding has far reaching socioeconomic implications for South Africa, mainly because, in the modern world, many industries solely depends on the constant supply of electricity in order to function efficiently. However, there is some sense that the country is having a serious problem of energy, as is evidenced by the constant implementation of load-shedding by South African state-owned entity Eskom.

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