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Jacques says lots of billions of rands spent in 5 months, SA ask who was the service provider

Can @News24 provide us with the names of the service providers that provides the diesel to @Eskom_SA? Numerous billions of bands spent in just 5 months. Critical questions must be asked, and it is unclear to me why @SAEditorsForum people not onto this as they used to be.

Apparently, Petrol SA is the main supplier, but the question must be asked as to who supplies Petrol SA. We need that information as taxpayers. Company names and directors.

This time the looters are most favored individuals who can pay everyone to keep them quiet. The media is protecting their bosses, Hahaha never from the trusted media. 

 It’s obviously majority white owned businesses. Some people that own this media houses are the one own this contracts of diesel in Eskom, The kingdom of darkness cannot remain standing if it is divided, so Satan can't investigate and expose Satan for his kingdom will fall.

“You say I am empowered by Satan. But if Satan is divided and fighting against himself, how can his kingdom survive?” Luke 11:18. 

And they should ask Eskom, why are we paying so much money for load shedding. You will wait Very Long for them to respond. You have too much in a propaganda machine like News24, You know that won't happen. Favorite is at the helm, It's not your ordinary BEEE companies, We need the truth, Significant, I'll listen on the radio…

Sorry, Jacob Zuma

PhalaPhalaFarmGate. PhalaPhalaFarmGate failed deflection attempt. 


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Hahaha Petrol SA Petrol SA. SA SAEditorsForum


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