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SASSA R350 grant delivers good news to people who are declined

The special Covid-19 grant has been around for more than 2 years now, the grant was introduced back in 2020 to help people who were hit hard by the Covid-19 lockdowns The main aim was to provide support to people who are over the age of 18 and below 60.

The grant is specially for unemployed people who are between the ages of 18-59. People who are not recieving any form of income, including Nsfas, UIF, or a salary.

In April this year, the grant reintroduced a new cycle of the special Covid-19 grant, the new cycle came with new rules and regulations, the rules excluded many people who were previously recieving the grant.

Thousands of people were excluded, anyone who had been recieving an amount of R350 or more monthly in their accounts were excluded during this cycle of the special Covid-19 grant.

All of that is going to change, the queue for the R350 grant is going to get longer as more people are going to qualify for the grant.

According to the source, the test treshold was increased from R350 to R624, this will allow many people to be approved for the grant. Thousands of people who have been declined will now be approved for the grant.

The grant is said that it will end in March 2023. It helped many people.


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