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OPINION: The R350 Grant should stop immediately, the money can be used for better things

Ever since the president announce the SASS SRD grant a short while ago, people were happy. This grant was made available to help people during the pandemic and has since become a significant part of people's lives. However there is an inherent problem with it. While a grant like this makes sense when people cannot work. Now that things are normalizing, it becomes very flawed. R350 is a small amount that doesn't make a huge difference to people's lives when they could be out in the world making money. Which is why I believe that the grant should end with immediate effect. While this small amount of money won't make a huge difference to lives, when you put all the money dispensed together, it becomes a large amount. One that can be used to change the right people's lives. Let me explain.

Changing the right lives :

The grant is given to people every month in the hopes that it will make a significant difference to their lives. However it doesn't. Instead people receive their money and than spend it almost immediately, without it really helping them. However if the entire amount used to give grants were invested into things that really help the poor. It could make a substantial difference. Investing in more RDP homes would provide shelter for the poor and investing in small businesses would motivate job creation. Alternatively the grant could be given as a larger amount to a smaller group of people in order for them to use it effectively.

The Right things to the right people :

One of the bigger issues here is that the grant is given to a large amount of people, without significant thought put into who really needs it. This motivates people to rely on grants instead of looking for a job. All able bodied people should be looking for jobs and only those who live in the poorest communities should be benefitting from the grant. Now that the economy is starting up again and the lockdown has moved to a much lower level, I believe that there is not excuse left for people to use.

While I understand that many people in South Africa currently need help, if people can help themselves they should. People shouldn't rely on a Government handout. What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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