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Meet Gogo from Vosloorus Township who creates her own coal and sells it to her community

This gogo from Vosloorus Township creates her own coal and sells it to her community

You can make charcoal by heating up wood/biomass at a extremely high temp with low oxygen. It’s how charcoal and briquettes are made from waste paper, timber trimmings etc

Great initiative right there, the sad reality some rich white black man out there will see this and take it as their initiative rob the poor woman of her clients then later be told woman are lazy....

Why is this new to you guys. Where I come from its a norm. We make it and burn it in a "paola" I don't know it in English. That tin with holes. And my gran told us she grew up making it at her home

This is truly innovative and entrepreneurial. South Africa produces large amounts of fine coal it cannot use which its forced to store in fine coal dams. Briquetting makes 'cents'.

Good to see an entrepreneur solving the fine coal problem.

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