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Be Careful South Africans As JMPD Shut Down A Spaza Shop Because The Owner Used It As A Bedroom

When it comes to businesses, spaza stores are among the ones that need to be scrutinized the most closely. Year after year, we witness films being shared on social media revealing how spaza shop owners'manufacture' their own counterfeit goods and then disguise their deception by using well-known labels. Examples include Grandpa, Coca-Cola, Koo beans, and a slew of more brands. Some have even been known to sell things that have gone out of date.

People in higher positions appear to have become more aware of the Put South Africans First movement and are beginning to take the campaign seriously. Last night, the EFF took the initiative and went to the Kream restaurant in the Mall of Africa to check it.

They stated that they were examining a spaza shop in Eldorado Park and that they had discovered that the spaza shop did not comply with the rules to be in operation.


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