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Tweeps are angry at SASSA about the R350 grant application. Check out on the comments

SASSA has made public the complete list of possible denial grounds for R350 grant applications. 'Wondering why you were refused? Please review some of the reasons below,' reads a tweet. The appeals procedure will go back up on Monday, June 27. Submit your appeals to with the hashtag #SASSACares. According to the reasons submitted by SASSA, the application was denied for eleven different reasons. There is an appeals process available to applicants who feel their applications were wrongfully denied.

Applicants for grants whose requests were denied by the post were understandably upset. There was widespread disapproval of SASSA's reasoning, as it had been widely criticized for being based on out-of-date data in its rejection of grant requests. Some could have felt better knowing that R350 grant applicants were UIF members because so many public servants applied for and received the grant. The poor and the helpless were treated harshly by SASSA. They were interested in the outcomes for recipients of non-banked cash transfers, such as gift cards or store vouchers. Have they actually done that and used that as a reason to turn down applicants?

People are being treated unfairly by SASSA because these were supposed to be explained before to the application process. The candidates for the grants now have higher expectations that they will be able to maintain a steady income for the next nine months. People go through the hassle of applying, only to offer absurd explanations for why their applications were denied. Many government employees are accepted and awarded grants, despite the fact that they do not merit them.

You should submit a request for reconsideration if SASSA rejects your application for financial assistance. Since you are currently without gainful employment, you are eligible to receive the R350 prize.


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