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Run your Generator for days with little fuel using Camphor. See how

Because of the current economic conditions in the country, everyone is seeking for a strategy to increase their money while simultaneously lowering their expenditures, which is understandable.

In South Africa today, every sector, most notably the power sector, is experiencing significant delays.

Nowadays, you may have heard about the absurd billing system used by ESKOM.

Instead, everyone has turned to the use of generators as a source of electricity for their power supply.

In order to emphasize this point, the pace at which most generators consume fuel is increasing as well, as previously stated. It is on this basis that this post becomes relevant, as it will guide you through the process of reducing the amount of money you spend on fueling your generators.

How many people are aware that you can run your generator for a whole day on just three litres of fuel? There is nothing else you need outside the fuel you purchase and three pieces of flat comphor.

Simply pour the fuel into the generator's tank and then pick up three pieces of flat comphor and place them in the tank as well as the fuel. Place a cover over the tank and turn on your generator.

You will notice that, in addition to extending the life of your fuel, it will also lessen the noise produced by your generator. Don't be afraid to attempt this at home or anyplace else because it is completely risk-free.

There is absolutely nothing to be concerned about.

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