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Here is my moving average answer key in Trading

Here is my moving average answer key in Trading

This is what each moving average means to me in my trading and how I use them:

5 Day EMA: This is a sign of strong momentum. It tracks the trend in the short term time frame. This is support in the strongest up trends. This line can only be used in low volatility trends with strong momentum. A break back above this line is a sign for me that an uptrend may be resuming. I primarily use it as an end of day trailing stop. It is rare that this line does not break intraday, even in the strongest trending markets.

10 day EMA: The 10 day EMA is a great moving average to use to keep you on the right side of the major market trend. It is usually the first line to be lost before any real trouble begins. It can be used as a standalone signal in some stocks and markets that tend to trend strongly in one direction for long periods. 

21 day EMA: This is the intermediate term moving average. It is generally the last line of support in a volatile uptrend. To me, it is the inevitable reversion to the mean in a market when it finally pulls back after an extended trend. 

50 day SMA: This is the line that strong leading stocks typically pull back to. This is usually the support level for strong uptrends. It is normal for up trending markets to pull back to this line and find support. Most bull markets and uptrends will pull back to this level. It is generally a great Buy the dip level. 

100 day SMA: This is the line that provides the support between the 50 day and the 200 day. If it does not hold as support, there is a high probability that the 200 day SMA is the next stop. This is the deeper pullback level in bull markets and uptrends. It usually presents a great risk/reward ratio in bull markets. 

200 day SMA: Bulls like to buy dips when markets are trading above the 200 day moving average, while bears sell rallies short below it. Bears usually win below this line, as the 200 day becomes longer term resistance, and bulls buy pullbacks to the 200 day as long as the price stays above it. This line is one of the biggest signals in the market telling you which side to be on. Bull above, Bear below. Bad things happen to stocks and markets when this line is lost. 


Moving averages are not the Holy Grail of trading. They are tools to help a trader capture a trend in their own time frame. 


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