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'South Africans please see how expensive Zimbabwean data while you say they must go back'- OPINION

We are never going to talk about this because we normalize the abnormal. From 2500 RTGS to 3500RTGS, this isn’t reasonable at all NetOne you’re taking advantage of the situation in Zimbabwe. The kids have to utilize e-learning too but you don’t even care as long you’re getting MORE money

Who's got that kind of money for the internet, the internet should be reduced in price, or offer people what they can afford, it's just pure greed

Zimbabweans have to learn to boycott certain things to push for change. Most of the time they complain whilst going for their services. The reason why they are where they are today is that they have accepted suffering as normal

I personally think net one belongs to the government which is led by zanu, that is why its expensive like this because they are used to looting and they dont care about the citizens

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