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SASSA payments dates for December 2021 recently left everyone talking, heres why

As most people are aware that SASSA payments dates are released a few days before the actual event. Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, payments dates have been changed. It is a little bit late compared to before. This has resulted in some people complaining, hoping that things will change for the better. However it was unfortunate that things remained as it was set. With that being said people were left impressed after seeing the payments dates for the month of December 2021. What caught people's attention was how the whole process will start early compared to previous months. The grants will be paid to respective individuals starting from the 1st of December. Just like previous months, older people's grants will be prioritize. The payments dates are as follows;

Old people will be paid on the 1st of December;

People living with disabilities will receive their SASSA payments on the 2nd of December;

Last but not least, children support grant and other remaining beneficiaries will get their cash in the 3rd of December.

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