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Only for the Rich, New Strange apartment building opens in SA. Opinion.

South Africa is no doubt a strange place,we have unique sights that Cannot be seen anywhere else in the world and it makes us am amazing tourist destination. While the economy in the Country doesn't seem great at the moment, we are still ever improving. That sentiment is proved by the strange and gorgeous new apartment building that was opened up in Cape Town recently. A one of a kind place that may shock you.

Tree House or house made of tree's :

The new apartment building that was recently opened looks like something from the future. The twenty four story building is covered with greenery that seems to look like it's growing out of it. This is certainly a step away from the drab concrete aesthetic that most apartment buildings are made off. The building will feature over six hundred micro apartments that will house people who can afford it's hefty price tag. That number, as well as what else you can get in the building is down below.

The Cost of living in the future :

An apartment within the building will cost you between approximately nine hundred thousand Rand and five million rand. However this is not an unjustified number as the building does contain a multitude of amenities. Those include a sunset terrace on the roof, a co working space for those of us who run our own businesses or work from home and a large pool. The building is also said to have solar panels and a concierge service.

It's clear that this beautiful building is only for the super rich of us and most of us will not be able to afford it. However if you could, would u live there. Tell me what you think in the comments and follow for more news as it happens.

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