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Meet the young chicken farmer who scored a deal with Roots stores.

Unemployment in South Africa has reached its all-time high and a lot of youth have been left stranded without any way of making an income for themselves and their families. A lot of young individuals have started their side hustles and small businesses, in hopes of getting an income for themselves.

One young lady from Mpumalanga, Acornhoek named Keletso Malele, started her chicken farm, and I'm sure she's glad she did because she got a deal with one of the South African meat stores to supply them with about 1000 chickens a week and about 4000 chickens a week. That is one of the greatest things that can happen to a business owner, partnering with such a big store will surely work in her favor and will probably allow her to hire a lot of other young people to join her project.

This is truly motivational to other youth out there who are sitting on their ideas, it is much better to try and see where your ideas could take you. What Keletso has achieved surely is outstanding, she most likely started small but ended up getting a partner with Roots stores.

Although some people may not be passionate about farming, they have something else that they excel at, that's probably the thing you should stick with, find a way to monetize the skills that you are good at, although not everyone is going to succeed as an entrepreneur it is worth giving it a try.

Well, Keletso has proven that a young entrepreneur can make it in this world, all we can do now is to congratulate Keletso on finding her recipe for success because by just opening and running her farm she had already achieved a lot but the fact that she partnered with a company that will bring more revenue into her business is nothing but amazing.

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