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SASSA R350 Grant Payment Day On April / May, May Be Paid This Month.

Many applicants for the Sassa R350 grant have the status "Pending," and they do not understand what this signifies in terms of their application's progression. Sassa has offered an explanation of what all of this entails and what will occur if an application is submitted.

Even though Sassa is now processing payments for the current cycle of the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant for the current month, the application status of a significant number of applicants remains "Pending."

Despite having been verified for tracking in June, the situation has developed as described.

According to the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa), this is occurring because their systems have been struggling to keep up with the current influx of applications; hence, the June applications have been granted.

Sassa has also said that they are aware of the backlog of applications from May and April, and that they have taken note of it; additionally, they have stated that they are working on a project to address the issue.

In addition, Sassa has suggested that beneficiaries of the R350 reward will most likely receive their July payment before their May payment.

In addition, the organization indicates that payments for April and May will be made in July and August, respectively. In addition, the organization warns applicants that the R350 award payments will not be provided as double payments or lump sums because Sassa examines each month separately.


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