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Finally: SASSA R350 October payments have started, If you have not received yours, Check this out

It's towards the end of October. Since the last payment for September was made at the beginning of the month, many qualifying beneficiaries of the R350 Grant have been waiting for the payment for October to be made. Millions of unemployed South Africans who qualify for the grant have used social media to express their concerns about when they will receive their grant money, since they were approved early in the month.

However, according to SASSA, there is currently no set date for payment to be made. Sassa did not specify a specific time frame for when people would be approved and paid, stating that there is no defined date for payment. As per the SASSA status dashboard, the payments have started today, October 21st, 2021. If you haven't received your payment for October, it could be because you haven't been approved or you have been approved but with a payday in the upcoming days. Check your status to see if you are approved or have a payday.


According to SASSA, candidates who have provided their banking information will get their money on the same day that it is indicated in their application status once they have received their payday. Those who collect at the post office must go to a nearby post office and use the last three digits of their identity number to locate the appropriate location to do so. Those who get payments through the post office should double-check their identification number and the date on which they received the payment at their local post office before going to pick up their money. 

Following the declaration by the president, the award will be available until March 2022. All applicants who meet the requirements and are approved will be compensated. The grant payment, on the other hand, will not be made on a specific day. Beneficiaries must be patient as SASSA notifies them of their payday dates. Once a payday has been assigned, applicants will be paid in accordance with the dates on which their paydays fall. 

If you have submitted an application, you can check the status of your application on the Sassa website to see your payment dates.

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