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The budget list everyone envies on Facebook, check the comments

04 July 2022


In these tough economic times, budgeting can be so difficult. Spending for most people exceeds what are they earning.

A budget was posted on a Facebook page, Mind of a Woman. People commented on the budget and envied this budget as the budget owner seemed like was living a cheap life. On the budget list, some items were free as they were accessed by family members or friends.

The budget compiled included so many items that a working adult pays for but not this one. Rent, babysitting services, Netflix, and food were free. The person who compiled the budget was able to get these either from friends, family, and stamps.

This person also ensured that the entertainment does not suffer. Close to half of their budget went to alcohol and weed. Some believed though that the person was too drunk, on high, and binge-watching to care about life in general.

Some Facebook comments

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