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C. Rhamaphosa's Message To Young White South Africans Comes Back To Cause A Stir On Twitter

President Cyril Rhamaphosa disclosed a surprising message when he was addressing farmers at Beyerskloof Wines In Stellenbosch. Mr Cyril Rhamaphosa said that "I don't want young white South Africans to leave the country and if I could, I will tie them down to a tree and say don't leave I want you here".

Cyril Rhamaphosa believes South Africa has enough opportunities for everyone and it must have balance as new opportunities continue to emerge. White South Africans are the anchor of the South African agricultural economy and that's the big role that they play, but black South African have long had the skills of agriculture. However, over the years of apartheid, white people have taken over the skills of black South Africans in the form of land and made sure black South Africans reside where there's no productive soil for farming.

Now, South Africa cannot afford to let white farmers leave very easily because it will affect the economy for years, because even if South Africa has people who are qualified agriculturalists, putting their skills into practice can be a different story. This method can alter the South African economy and the country can be among the disadvantaged African countries. If white South African farmers remain in power it means black South Africans will continue to do the labour positions, there's a lot of unemployed agriculturalist in the country of South Africa hut the government doesn't see the need to invest in them at all.

Africa is known for its productive soul, as its people lose their culture of planting food, resources go to waste. The government is the one that doesn't invest in agriculture and putting its hope on the privileged young farmers who inherited farming resources from the apartheid government which was terminated in 1995.

Some political parties are contesting that land must be given back to black South Africans, this is where the big problem is going to emerge as South African black citizens feel betrayed. The movement to bring back our land is not a joke as is led by some of the most recognizable names like Julius Malema the leader of the EFF, in this way a big debate is revoked.


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