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Eskom Does It Again

The City of Cape Town is requesting that Eskom pull out its solicitation for a 20.5% expansion in taxes for 2022-23, saying inhabitants can't manage the cost of the climb.

"That is absolutely unfordable, out of line and will cause significant harm to our economy and families here in Cape Town," city chairman Geordin Hill-Lewis said on the DA Twitter account.

Any increment ought to be covered at or underneath the expansion pace of 5.5% in light of the fact that Eskom has had immense duty climbs lately and the utility should offer alleviation as opposed to raising costs, Hill-Lewis said.

Capetonians basically can't bear the cost of this! It is unreasonable and inappropriate.

Cape Town needs to cut dependence on Eskom by getting around 450MW from inexhaustible sources, the city's chief head of energy and environmental change, Kadri Nassiep, said in July.

The proposed tax climb shows why it's essential to diminish dependence on Eskom, shut down engineered power outages in the city and lessen costs after some time, Hill-Lewis said on Thursday.

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