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R350 delay - Sassa CEO keeps lying to recipients

The CEO of SASSA has once again been caught up in her own lies about when the payments for the latest iteration of the R350 grant will be made. It is a matter of public record that SASSA has failed to pay the R350 grants since the framework was moved to the Social Assistance Act. The CEO of SASSA has repeatedly made promises about when these payments would be made but this has never materialized.

The CEO first said, through her spokesperson that grants would finally be paid from the mid of June. When mid-June arrived, she changed stories to say that grants the grants that were paid, were those for outstanding applications from the previous cycle. To this date no new grants have been paid and the worrying issue is that all recipients must re-apply after every 3 months. This raises new questions as to how SASSA will handle this issue since they have completely and utterly failed to pay out grants in more than 3 months. Is it now time for the SASSA CEO and maybe even the minister to resign over this fiasco? Only time will tell.

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