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Pineapples and Yeast out of stock after Alcohol ban reinstated.(Opinion)

The Alcohol ban has been reinstated and we are back to brewing Pineapple beer as an alternative solution.

The scarcity of Alcohol has seen many South African consumers go back to the traditional way of brewing beer with Yeast and Pineapples.

The current climb in covid 19 infections and deaths in South Africa has forced us back into a level 3 lockdown and many measures has been put in place to prevent the virus from spreading further.

No one will be allowed to be outside of their homes after 9PM at night as the curfew starts from 9 until the next morning and this rule is crucial to prevent the spread.

The wearing of masks are also mandatory as whoever is found without a mask will be locked up and should pay a penalty fine or jail time if you can't pay the fine.

Alcohol sales are also prohibited as well as social events both indoor and outdoor as the spread of the virus are quick to surface where to many people gather.

Since the ban of Alcohol the sales of Yeast and Pineapples skyrocketed once again just like in the previous months where Alcohol sales were prohibited.

The scarcity of Pineapples and Yeast are almost among us as the availability of these items are almost a rarity because of the rise in sales.

Out of sale signs will be seen soon as we are back to brewing our own beer and since it's still festive season we need our beer to relax and enjoy our times at home.

Pineapples has been a beer favourite for many decades now as our forefathers has been using the method to produce beer and it's still working for us now.

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