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Local News| Illegal mining in full swing in Giyani area

By Jade Mthombeni

The source of Giyani View says that they are some of the illegally undocumented miners who are still living in the village of Xamfana just outside Giyani.

This follows after community members working inconjuction with the police threw them out of the village in September.

According to our source, those who remain in the village are the breadwinners of the unmarried women who reside in Xamfana.

Meanwhile, in Bambeni village, all the foreign nationals were thrown away by members of the community.

"If we could speak in one voice, just like the community of Bambeni, we will win this war, but since we have our sisters who keep these people in their homes it continues to be a serious dilemma in Xamfana", said our source.

Illegal mining is in full swing across the villages of Giyani; Xamfana, Nkomo, 14B, Mapuve among other villages.

The police appear to be losing the war after community members have also joined these illegal activities.

Giyani View had previously interviewed a number of illegal miners who are South Africans, and they blamed the government for failing to provide jobs to its people.

They asked all the chiefs of the tribal authorities to help open those mines found in the villages of Giyani.

Content created and supplied by: Ntshuxekochuchuchabalala (via Opera News )

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