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More than R3.3 Billion spent on these infrastructures. See pictures below.

We think the most insulting thing about the ANC is that they don’t even try to reach their objective at a cheaper budget. They literally just don’t do the job or deliver absolute bullshit with no shame. They know the community won’t do anything about it.

South Africans we need to identify this unfinished buildings. Remember the contractors were paid money shared, but we are quite as communities. This will not stop hence more people are still fighting for positions thinking of doing fraud not serving the mssses. 15 years later and the bus system in Rustenburg is still incomplete. More than R3.3 billion spent. Buses are purchased and we are on an advanced stage of building a depot and reconstruct the damaged station due to protest. The project may have had delays but it will soon be operational. Drivers are currently under training. It's elections and every will want to be relevant. 100% sure the Anc is not only going to win but also increase the number of voters by 15% all this will be done the normal Anc way, through corruption. They need another 15 years, all the most incapable people are in the ANC, we remove them, we risk never completing the project.

- Probably the typical thinking process of an ANC voter.

Underground sophisticated stormwater drainage system, non rusting strong golden plates frame, italian smooth pressing machines, Russian white and grey marble tops benches. 3.3Billion. We will never arguing with ANC supporters ever again in our life. The incompetency of the ruling party is excruciatingly evident. If these stories of billions being spent on incomplete projects aren’t enough to rid of the delusion and brainwash done by the ANC then my words can’t do much help.

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