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Check your ID and know which day to collect your 350 this week.


The first week of this month started off on a bad note as Social grant were put first at the post offices. To avoid long queues, shortage of money and long waiting time the Post office has come up with a system to help all R350 benefeciaries. Just by looking at your last three digits you can know when to collect your money. This system is to be used after the first week which is for the elderly, disabled and those receiving child support grants.

Just by checking the last 3 digits of your ID number you can easily know when to collect your R350 from Monday uptown Friday during this week.

On Monday those with digits 083 and 088 can collect.

On Tuesday those with digits 083 and 088 can collect.

On Wednesday those with digits 080 and 089 can collect.

On Thursday those with digits 081 and 086 can collect.

On Friday those with digits 082 and 087 can collect.

It's now easier instead of always being sent back because of long queues and shortage of money. With this new system we hope that every post office can work with its people so that it is an easy, smooth process.


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