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Latest Wage Increase At Eskom Could Mean More Tariff Hikes, This Is How

NUM and NUMSA a council meeting in Sandton, north of Johannesburg whereby the offer was discussed and accepted. It is very clear that what they are asking for is a lot of money that is certainly not going to get them anywhere but having to increase tariffs more because they need a lot of money.

Eskom’s seven percent wage offer was signed and everyone is happy to go home and we have an understanding that across the board means that even the executives that they are protesting and negotiating with are going to get these percentage increases.

Can you even imagine an employee who earns R1 million per annum will be getting an increase of 7% equaling R70,000, but the smaller employees who get probably R100,000 to R200,000 per annum will be getting an increase of R7,000 per annum but when you look at the monthly they will be getting R583 extra on their existing income.

Okay they have negotiated benefits for themselves but the same effect is carries out I would presume, and all this will be implemented across the board from the first of this month.

They also asked for a R400 increase to the housing allowance, this horrible load shedding that we experienced was because of these horrible protests by these individuals.

Human Resources Executive at Eskom Elsie Pule said that they actually can’t afford it as an organisation and that they will have to make plans to find additional money to fund this agreement, and we all know very well when they say make a plan they really mean squeeze more money from the people through tariff hikes

It was also revealed the impact on their wage bill is more than a billion Rands, first we suffered through the load shedding roll outs but not only are we still going to keep experiencing the load shedding but we are also going to pay probably R100 will give you 20 Units, you'll never know.

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