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Did he came for the money? Kenyan man became a billionaire after the death of his 73-years-old wife.


After his 73-year-old wife passed away three days after their wedding, a Kenyan man becomes a billionaire. 

The Kenyan man was quite fortunate in marrying a 73-year-old woman who has earned a substantial fortune.

She married him when she was stinсkily riсh, which happened to be the same day of her death.

The 73-year-old woman is said to have left her Kenyan husband with a multibillion dollar business empire,

that he had created with her spouse after she died on her honeymoon three days after their wedding. 

Mrs. Julia Donson Wachira, a 73-year-old American woman who made headlines and became famous after marrying a 34-year-old Kenyan doctor,

has died. The devastating news was conveyed on social media by Dr. Jоhn Waсhirа, a Kenyan-born neurosurgeon currently residing in Florida. 

"My one and only true love has left me. This evening, she steered clear of the table.

"He spoke his opinions as well as his dissatisfaction. 

Juliа is the owner of a multibillion-dollar enterprise, that includes a real estate brokerage and a media company with offices in five states across the United States,

as well as a Russian media company.

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