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You Can Buy a Cow Online and Own it Without all the Hard Work and Hassle of Taking Care of it

There are alot of ways to invest in livestocks out there but for the purpose of this thread I will focus on Livestockwealth .

As you know by now it is always good to diversify your investment into many industries and assets. As old saying goes: Never put your eggs in one basket.

So a friend of mine introduced me to Livestock Wealth, a Crowdfarming app which allows anyone to become an owner of a agricultural asset without the need to maintain and manage it yourself physically.

So basically you can buy a cow and own it without all the hard work and hassle of taking care of it or needing land to put it. So what this app does is that it partners with farmers and have an agreement with them.

You as an investor will buy an asset such as cows or Macadamia trees from a farmer through the app and when the has grown and raised to maturity the farmer will buy them back from you on a pre agreed fee.

The nice thing about this app is that your asset is protected. For example if your cow dies the farmer and the app (company) will replace it without any cost to you and you pay nothing to the farmer for taking care of your cow.

This is a win win situation from my understanding as a farmer will get the money he needs to maintain the farm while also you invest on the growth of your money.

Assets under the app includes the ones mentioned above such as cows and Macadamia trees. To invest in cows it starts from R2000, to invest in one Macadamia tree which you invest in for 6 years with minimum profit calculated at R1948 so over 6 years you will make a minimum of R3948.

As with any investment it comes with risks which you as an individual investor you will have to study carefully or speak to your financial advisor before putting your money into it.

Also you are not allowed to withdraw your investment until maturity.

It is an easy way to enter the livestock market with little experience but also still get the benefits. But as an investor you must always do deep research about it and the company to ensure you understand everything before you buy.

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