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Pick N Pay Cosmo City Mall gets grilled for worst customer service

In the United Kingdom or Europe, the customer is always king. 

But visit Pick N Pay Cosmo City Mall brach and you will will know that in South Africa, the customer is not always the king. 

A disgruntled Facebook user took Pick N Pay Cosmo City Mall brach to the cleaners when he professed that the retail giant is nowhere near to customer service. 

Taking to Facebook, Rafael Kunene said he had now resorted to buying his groceries at a different Pick N Pay because of the bad service he is subjected to every time he goes to Pick N Pay.  

"Pick N Pay Cosmo City Mall has the worst customer service. Their cashiers do as if you are begging to buy. I prefer going to Pick N Pay shopping center. They are the best and you buy with a happy and jovial spirit. The PNP store mall management must learn from them," he wrote. 

The comments which followed thereafter professed just how ignorant Pick N Pay Cosmo City Mall is. 


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