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ANC Owes R86 Million In Provident Fund Money, This Is How Pensions Will Be Affected

The FSCA has confirmed that the African National Congress owes R86 million in a Provident Fund contributions, for over 530 of its staff members. We are talking serious money that the ANC mysteriously doesn’t have any this speaks to the stresses, which are bound from this horrible situation that the members of the public find themselves into.

This is just another of the many problems that the ANC has and they can’t do anything about it, because it is something that will definitely not lead to a situation that is good for anyone. We hope that the members of our society will learn a thing or two, about what is really going on with the ANC and them failing to government themselves as well as the country.

The regulator says the governing party has not been meeting its obligations to make regular retirement contributions for its staff members, this is concerning because many financial institutions are thinking that the Provident fund is concrete.

Wee have actually seen a situation where the government has leverage it in investments so news like these are not good, because the government would have to be in a position where they do not have a providence fund to speak off and people’s retirement are non-existent.

That is an economic as well as humanitarian crisis which would be experienced due to the fact that, there is no way that the members of our society will find themselves in such a situation. This needs to be remedies very quickly and not only has the political party has failed to make the necessary payments they have also been failing to payments their employees, which has caused a serious problem for the party.

If this person find is something of a sham then we have a serious crisis for all the government workers, who find themselves on the receiving end if the fund at their retirement. They will definitely be in a situation, where they are disappointed with the money that they are able to receive or the fact that they will have to deal with this matter.

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