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Stage 5 Loadshedding Schedule For 5 July - 10 July

Eskom has finally came into an agreement with unions to increase workers salaries by 7% effective from the 1st of July. They have also grated an increase of R400 in housing allowance per month. This puts an end to what has been regarded as unlawful strikes that has contributed to an all time high loadshedding that the country has experienced since 2008. Join us as we unpack more of the story and share the latest information about loadshedding for this week.


On a statement that was released by Eskom this evening it indicated that loadshedding will be lowered to stage 5 due to some units returning to service. Delays in performing the much needed repairs has caused a huge backlog that's expected to be cleared in the next few weeks. This means that you can expect more power cuts at varying stages (depending on several possibilities).

Loadshedding Schedule

Make sure that you use the loadshedding portal on Eskom's website for a tailor made schedule for your area. Remember to switch of all your appliances to prevent the from being damaged when the power comes back. As you can see from their statement, a hefty R1 Billion will be spent for salaries of people that continue to provide a mediocre service for the people of South Africa.

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