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Electricty in SA is expensive || See how much consumers are paying for electricity

If Eskom has its way, South Africans will soon have to pay a lot more for electricity. Although if approved the price increase will likely secure South Africa's position at the top of the table of Southern African electricity prices, they're still some way off the most expensive in the world if online sources are to be trusted.

Calculating a median electricity price in South Africa is extraordinarily complex in itself - doing so for the remainder of the world is even more so. Also, as a consequence of SA's new electricity tariffs, Eskom's existing customers are faced with a substantial reduction in their rate.

This is why Eskom has decided to increase the electricity tariff by 10%, from a base of R11.40 to R13.60 per unit. For this change to take effect it will have taken 10 months to get approval, which in Eskom's case is a significant delay. By the time it gets the final approval the rate will be R10.00 per kWh, an increase of 6.3%.

For those of you who may be sceptical of this new rate, it is worth noting that the tariff increase is effective at 9.30am, so if you have electricity at 7.15am you will pay R12.25 per kilowatt hour, a slight increase from the existing rate of 10.68.

Furthermore, Eskom has already announced that their tariffs will increase over the next 18 months, with the first increase taking effect from 1 July. If the increase for South African customers is as high as that for other customers, then the cost of electricity in SA will become almost R30, or R56, per kilo of power per hour.

Eskom is also planning to introduce a separate residential tariff for those in urban areas. These new tariffs are expected to come into effect on 1 September. As a result of these tariffs the costs of buying electricity will be slightly higher than in previous years.

However, even if SouthAfricans purchase more electricity than they need, this will not affect the lower costs for customers who purchase less. In SA there is still no alternative fuel for gas and diesel, which means that these costs will continue to apply.

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