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The road of R350 grant could come to an end because of this

More than 500 000 will not receive their R350 grant because of this....

Millions of South African people have benefited from Corona virus even though it had bad effects to the economy of the country as well as some individuals. However, majority of the people who were affected the most by the virus were accommodated by the government and another form of compensation. This includes people who lost their jobs but not getting any UIF or any form of income from the government as well as people who had no jobs at all.

Quite number of people have applied and registered to get the COVID-19 relief fund grant but some were not entitled to get the money and they were disqualified. There were also some rumours that the money was being misused within the government cabinet.

However, it was reported that the budget of Sassa might not be enough to cover for over 500 000 R350 grant beneficiaries. This also means that people must now keep their hopes down as they might not receive their money and it could be the end of R350 road.

Unfortunately, this will be such a bad news to the individuals whom depends on this money, people who doesn't work and those who lost their jobs during the pandemic in 2019/2020.

@Amina: But there was enough money to raise salaries and there was enough to want to put up a r22 million flag,But it's ok to make poor people who rely on these grants for basic needs and now government will take that away too while millions can be looted daily.

@Reuben: There we go again useless government departments and its corrupt officials cutting payments of R350 grant where about 10 millions of South Africans where depending on it.

@Kekana: Cut this stupid 350 grant and use the remaining funds to increase the older persons grant.

It's pointless to give others the 350 while others who are equally deserving do not get it. The selection criteria has already showed biasness against some deserving applicants. Scrap the stupid 350 grant all together maan. It's a bias system with no real effect on mitigating poverty levels. What it does perpetuates the culture of dependency and idleness. This bias system has failed dismally.


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