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Foreign exchange

Yolanda who is Kwesta's wife shared an important message on investing Forex trade to avoid scammers

Daily Post

7 October 2021

Yolanda Vilakazi shared an important message to investors

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"Guys, today I want to share with you a tool that I found out Octa fix copy trading app is a social trading app that helps you invest online and earn in the Forex market.What I like is that I don't need to spend time on learning or building my own strategy (cuz, to be honest, I dont even know how to make it ahah), professional traders will do it for me."

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It is clear that you have to understand at least the basics and together with OctaFX I advise at least to watch basic course about Forex (you can do it on their YouTube channel, it is full of free and useful information). Regarding how to choose your master, firstly, Octafix official will send an email and explain how to do it, and secondly, they have a new feature that will hint and warn against risk. 

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Anyway, I'm still testing, but I like it. However, I would advise to be aware of the risks. 

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‼️Disclaimer: Investing involves a level of risk, we do not recommend investing without prior expertise.

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Notice: Be aware of scammers who copy our content and name, never send personal data or funds via messengers.

Daily Post

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