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Bad news for foreigners operating businesses in Johannesburg as this is being done

The work that is being done by patriots on the ground can be seen through the actions of the government. However, we do know that government is not to be trusted in any shape or form.

The time has now come for foreigners to start thinking about going back to their home countries because from here, it can only get worse for them. There is no turning back and south Africans will continue with the fight until they see that due diligence is done when it comes to implementing immigration laws. Until the last foreigner is deported to their country, they will not rest.

We have seen in previous weeks where members of PutSouthAfricaFirst and Operation Dudula were in full force in Johannesburg. They ensure string that they leave the message to all those foreigners doing business in this country especially when it comes to small businesses because, by law, they are not supposed to be doing any of those things. Their presence was very much felt on Hillbrow and in JHB CBD.

Foreigners doing business in this country are just living by a thread. Their time in this country has now come to an end.

It has now emerged that businesses are being inspected for compliance in Johannesburg. This is indeed a sign of progress for PutSouthAfricaFirst and Operation Dudula. This is all they have been asking for, from the government.

However, it is still too early to say that this is a victory given that South Africans are known to be weak when it comes to bribery. They take bribes as if they are doing their work for free while they are being paid.

There are many businesses owned by foreign nationals in Johannesburg and we know that those people do not even qualify to be in this country, to begin with. Those are the kind of shops that should be closed down.

There needs to be a proper follow-up on this matter. People need to see that our officials are doing what they are supposed to do.

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