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Opinion - This is one of the reasons Zimbabwe's economy is getting weaker.

This is one of the reasons Zimbabwe's economy is getting weaker!!!they are buying most of their products in south Africa not in Zimbabwe,so how can Zimbabwe's economy grow?they are busy buying in south Africa, Botswana, Zambia!!not in Zimbabwe,so how can the economy grow?they are killing their own economy,they buy groceries,beds,electronics,appliances, clothes in south Africa, Botswana, Zambia and send it to Zimbabwe,even building materials they buy it outside Zimbabwe by doing that they are making things worse for Zimbabwe's economy,,,they are supposed to be sending money to Zimbabwe not goods,they only send money for fees and snacks.

In addition The purpose of that issue is crucial to Zimbabwe, if South Africa use USA dollar as a country currency here things will be a bit more expensive than to buy them using Rand as a country currency, you can't buy IPhone 13 x pro for 4 000 - 5000 USA dollar while here is less than R35, 000 for example that is the cause of zimbabwians to come and buy material, groceries, home appliances, beds and other important items here so you must understand that and by doing so they are promoting South African economy and they are boasting sassa grants money , they taxed on every product they bought here that 15% tax.

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