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Here is How SASSA verifies bank details for R350 Grant Applications.

Some SRD SASSA candidates may have encountered a defer when it went to their bank subtleties being checked. SASSA has now given some understanding into what amount of time this cycle requires and what steps are taken. 

One stage taken while confirming SRD award applications is bank check. A few candidates have whined that this cycle is by all accounts requiring a long time to which SASSA reacted. 

A candidate took to web-based media to communicate their disappointment with SASSA by saying that the course of bank check has now required seven days telling SASSA, "Do you not handle the desire to move quickly? For what reason would we say we are not focused on? Since you set things in a disarray?". 

To this, SASSA said: 

The course of bank check doesn't have a set time span. 

The manner by which this interaction works is that the candidate's subtleties are shipped off the branch of Treasury and to the particular bank picked by the candidate. 

When the subtleties are checked, it then, at that point, returns to Treasury and from there on, it's given over to SASSA so installment can happen. 

Ought to you be seeing a 'Bank subtleties forthcoming as you do a SASSA R350 award status check, this implies that your application, or reapplication, has been gotten. Notwithstanding, you haven't submitted bank subtleties or inclinations for how your R350 award installment ought to be made. 

So what do you have to do then, at that point? 

You should simply present your financial subtleties utilizing the SASSA SRD site. Here's the ticket: 

1. Go to 

2. Present your ID Number. 

3. A SMS containing a safe connection will be shipped off the cell phone number with which you enlisted during application. 

4. Snap on the connection in the SMS and adhere to the guidelines cautiously. 

SASSA has over and over said that there is no set R350 award installment date and that recipients will be paid for the months that you qualify.


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