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Unexpected| Bad news as Eskom has made this announcement. See the message below.


Eskom has regretfully announced that stage 2 of load shedding will continue throughout this week since the power system has deemed itself as volatile and unpredictable. Eskom released a statement that explains the matter at hand so as to encourage people to also help in conserving electricity.

“Regretfully, due to the ongoing insufficient generation capacity and the inability to replenish emergency reserves over this weekend, stage 2 load-shedding will continue throughout next week from 5am on Monday until 5am on Saturday.”

 "Despite the recent implementation of Stage 2 load-shedding, the events over the past two days have required extensive use of emergency generating reserves, hampering the recovery of the dam levels at the pumped storage power stations and depleting already low diesel levels.Since the power system remains volatile and unpredictable, higher stages of loadshedding may be required.”


Eskom has asked customers to remain patient as it tries to balance the available resources that we have as country.

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